Nickname(s) F-30
Pokémon Species Pidove
Level 43
Status Active
Acquired 1d 17h 03m
Attacks Air Slash, Razor Wind, Feather Dance, Swagger

 F3030030G0, more commonly known as F-30, is a Pidove caught by Jimmy in Twitch Plays Pokemon Black. He spent most of the early-game after Murder Monday in the Daycare, which led him to be the highest-leveled Pokemon on Jimmy's party after he was withdrawn.


F-30 was caught soon after Murder Monday, and was quickly placed in the Daycare, where he was left for a time. He was later retrieved and became part of the second solid party Jimmmy amassed, along with Bird Moses, wg2gnxgrrr, Nonon, Lord Cover, and Princess Lilly.

Later, following the events of Fatal Friday, F-30, along with Bird Moses, was stored in the PC. Though this meant that neither would ever likely be recovered, they were better off than the released Tirtouga and Princess Lilly, both of whom had been fan favorites.


F-30's name comes from the series of cars under that name and his similarity to F-30's in-game given name.

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