The Ultimate Challenge for any Pokémon Trainer. Defeat the Elite Four and Champion to become the greatest Trainer in all of Johto. Due to the Randomizer, the Elite 4 have been type-randomized. They won't copy each other's type, but will use the same types as Gym Leaders.


TPP ArabianWill

Will's Sprite designed by KingdomXathers.

The Psychic-type Elite 4 member Will has been randomized to Ground-type. His Pokémon are a Quagsire, Steelix, Hippowdon, Nidoqueen, and another Nidoqueen.

His post-Kanto rematch team consists of 3 Steelix, a Donphan, a Camurupt and a Nidoqueen.


The Arabian-themed outfit in the sprite was a response to having too many archaeologists, according to KingdomXathers.

"The eccentric bank roller" - MegamanOmega


  • The majority of Will's Pokémon prefer to spam status attacks. Though his Steelix is a bruiser.
  • Will's type is shared with Bugsy.


TPP PsychicKoga

Koga's Sprite designed by KingdomXathers.

The Poison-type Elite 4 member Koga has been randomized to Psychic-type. His Pokémon are a Medicham, a Hypno, a Claydol, and two Slowbro.

His post-Kanto rematch team consists of Xatu, two Girafarig, Gardevoir, Lunatone, and Uxie.


"The mysterious mental expert" - MegamanOmega


  • Koga's type is shared with Blaine.


TPP FlyingBruno

Bruno's Sprite designed by KingdomXathers.

The Fighting-type Elite 4 member Bruno has been randomized to Flying-type. His Pokémon are a Pidgeot, a Gligar, a Beautifly, a Dodrio, and a Noctowl.

His post-Kanto rematch team consists of Fearow, Gliscor, Scyther, Altaria, and Masquerain.


"The determined high flying inventor" - MegamanOmega


  • Bruno's type is shared with Blue.


TPP RockerKaren

Karen's Sprite designed by MegamanOmega.

The Dark-type Elite 4 member Karen has been randomized to Rock-type. Her Pokémon are a Nosepass, Rhydon, Aggron, and two Aerodactyl.

Her post-Kanto rematch team consists of Armaldo, two Omastar, Probopass, Kabutops, and Relicanth.


"The rowdy rock-star" - MegamanOmega


  • Karen's type is shared with Morty.


TPP ElectricLance

Lance's Sprite designed by KingdomXathers.

The Dragon-type Champion Lance has been randomized to Electric-type. His Pokémon are a Luxray, Electivire, two Electabuzz, and two Raikou.

His post-Kanto rematch team includes Electabuzz, two Electivire, Ampharos, and two Raikou.

In the tag battle with Clair, he used a Jolteon, Electabuzz, and Raikou.


"The valiant lightning champion" - MegamanOmega


  • Lance's type is shared with Erika.