The Elite 4 represent the highest challenge for any Pokémon Trainer. Defeat all four, and become Champion; though you'll have to defeat the existing Champion if there is one. In Randomized FireRed, the Elite 4 all had their types changed. Though they gloated about their legendary skill with their storyline type, they often used a type completely different.


TPP GhostLorelai

Lorelai's Sprite designed by KingdomXathers.

Lorelei, originally an Ice-type Trainer, now uses the feared Ghost type. Her team consisted of two Dusclops, a Banette, and two Gengar.


Her sprite takes inspiration from Mismagius, despite it being a Generation 4 Pokémon.


TPP NormalBruno

Bruno's Sprite designed by KingdomXathers.

Bruno, originally a Fighting-type Trainer, now uses Normal types. His team consists of two Pidgeotto, a Zangoose, a Raticate, and a Snorlax.


Bruno has finally put on a shirt according to his fan-made sprite. Many rejoiced at this.

His Snorlax proved to be quite a tank, combining high defense, high health, and the attack Softboiled to heal.

Bruno shares a type with Norma (Sabrina).


TPP WaterAgatha

Agatha's Sprite designed by KingdomXathers.

Agatha, originally a Ghost-type Trainer, now uses Water types. Her team consists of a Gorebyss, Seadra, Croconaw, Mantine, and a Milotic.


Many on Reddit tried to avoid pictures of an old woman in a swimsuit, leading to artwork like the sprite.

Despite the troubles the Mob had against Wallace's Milotic, Agatha's was easy. It was her Gorebyss that spammed healing attacks.


Agatha's sprite closely resembles Drake's from Emerald. Leading to some suspicion the two are related.


TPP PoisonLance

Lance's Sprite designed by KingdomXathers.

Lance, originally a Dragon-type Trainer, now uses Poison types. His team consists of a Muk, Weepinbell, a Gloom, and two Crobats.


Lance shares a type with Noxie (Misty).


Lance is often shown to be the person who taught Noxie (Misty) about Poison and Poison types.

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