Nickname(s) Duke Smoochum, Smoochi Minaj
Pokémon Species Smoochum
Level 5
Status Active
Acquired 1d 14h 56m
Attacks Pound, Lick, Dizzy Punch, Dynamic Punch

Smoochum, also known as Duke Smoochum or Smoochi Minaj, is a Smoochum that hatched from the Mystery Egg given to AJ by the Daycare Couple.



Smoochum's two nicknames are both based on famous figures, with Duke Smoochum being based off of the action hero type protagonist of the Duke Nukem series Duke Nukem, and Smoochi Minaj being based off of the American rapper, singer, songwriter and actress Nicki Minaj.



  • Despite being in the party for a fair portion of the TPP Crystal midgame, Smoochum never gained any levels. This can be attributed to several things, including the comparatively high levels of both trainer and wild Pokémon at that point in the game.

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