0, DR
Nickname(s)  :Dr. 0"
Pokémon Species Pikachu
Level 28
Status Traded
Acquired 0d 1h 15m
Attacks Quick Attack, Nuzzle, Slam, Play Nice
Item Mago berry

0, DR, otherwise known as Dr. O and occasionaly Pikashit, is a Pikachu that Li'l d caught at 0d 1h 15m. She was traded to Seth on 5d 7h 44m. Dr. 0 had Pokerus, and was last seen holding a Mago Berry.

She has a Bold nature, and has Static as an ability.


Dr. 0 is often portrayed to be a naive doctor. Many false depictions of D being secretly female have also been linked to this Pokemon making her seem like a crackpot doctor, which is supported by the fact that most depictions of "D is secretly female" stopped around the same time Dr. 0 was put in the PC.

Other depictions also have her setting up a doctor's office within the PC alongside with Nurse Espurr.


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