☺ ☀ ((GG6W
Nickname(s) Diglight
Pokémon Species Diglett
Level 15
Status Active
Acquired 0d 9h 5m
Attacks Magnitude, Bone Rush, Mud-Slap, Mud Bomb

☺ ☀ ((GG6W, or Diglight, is a female Diglett captured by aoooo in Generation 4.5. She has a careful nature, the characteristic "strong willed" and the ability Multitype.


During one of the fights with 4, aoooo's rival, in Azalea Town, Diglett was the last Pokemon left on the team, and was only level 7. However, a Magnitude knocked out 4's Duskull, in the middle of executing Dig. Diglett jumped two levels and reached Level 9 upon its KOing of Duskull, but was ultimately knocked out by 4's Shuppet. She was later deposited and wasn't retrieved.


Due to her ability Multitype, she was deemed to be the Fossil of Arceus.


She got her nickname Diglight due to knowing Flash.

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