Nickname(s) “Dashbat”
Pokémon Species Zubat
Level 18
Status Active (PC)
Acquired 6d 14h 5m
Attacks Leech Life, Supersonic, Bite

ABB-??AAJ, also known as “Dashbat”, is a Zubat caught by Red.


Dashbat was caught in Rock Tunnel, where the Hivemind had been trying to grind the Keeper in between the events of the Rocket Hideout and Pokemon Tower. It was named ---, and quickly received the nickname 'Dashbat' by fans. As the Name Rater was in nearby Lavender Town, Red inevitably wandered into his house and changed several of his Pokémon's nicknames. Dashbat was first renamed AAAAA, and then re-renamed to JJJJJSS-. As a result of this renaming, alternative nicknames began to pop up for Dashbat, including 'Jesse', but Dashbat remained the predominant nickname for the Zubat.

During Bloody Sunday, Dashbat managed to avoid release, but was left in the PC thereafter. He was one of the four Pokémon in the PC at the end of TPP Red, along with the Keeper, Burger King, and a Nidoran.


Dashbat was named for the distinctive nickname it received initially, ---.


Captured with the power of S.S. Ticket, Helix Fossil and HM01.


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