Nickname(s) "DJ", "Stalinking"
Pokémon Species Slaking ♂
Level 66
Status Active
Acquired 8d 6h 36m
Attacks Return, Strength, Fly, Tri Attack

CCCDJCCCC5, also known as "DJ" or less commonly "Stalinking", is a Slaking that Alice caught as a Slakoth on Route 16.

He has a Gentle nature, and Minus as an ability. He was last seen holding a Hard Stone.


TPP DJStalinking

DJ Stalinking's Sprite designed by Sorceress_Feraly.

DJ was always a controversial figure. The Mob knew of his power if Slaking came without Truant, but that led to fears that he would become an even worse carry than LazorGator was. At one point, a push was made to deposit him to get Mew, rather than deposit Quagsire.

The fears were only partially justified. While DJ did prove instrumental in defeating the Elite 4, he never became the OHKO machine people feared he would.


The name DJ comes from his in-game nickname, CCCDJCCCC5, but Slakoth has also been called Stalinking, keeping in accordance with the Communist theme in lore such as Chairman Meow and Karl Marcs. In this case, he was named after Joseph Stalin, the successor to Lenin and leader of the Communist party from 1924 to 1953.


Some pieces of lore have depicted "Stalinking" as being a revisionist who claims he was there for the defeat of Blue in Gen I, Red in Gen II, etc, similar to how Joseph Stalin claimed to have been at key events in the Russian Revolution that he was not actually present at.

Toward the end of the run, some people began to combine the Stalinking and DJ personalities.

His ability to Fly is often interpreted as a Jetpack.


  • CCCDJCCCC5 was originally a Slakoth, with Magma Armor as an ability. As a Vigoroth, his ability used to be Insomnia.
  • Both Slakoth and Slaking's original ability, Truant, has been randomized to Hijinks, Alice's original starter. Vigoroth's original ability, Vital Spirit, has the exact same function as its current one, Insomnia.

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