Pokémon Species Gyarados (JINDI)
Level 31
Status Active
Gender Male

DADA was a shiny Gyarados caught by Baba during the Vietnamese Crystal intermission run.

He played a key role in defeating Claire, taking out her first Dragonair and sacrificing himself so BEST could finish Claire off.

He was one of the Pokémon lost after the game crashed. but was later recovered. When the game crashed a second time, he was still on the team but lost some experience. When an imperfect copy of the previous save file was retrieved, he had less experience than before the crash.[1]

During the postgame, it was suggested that rather than risk using the PC and suffering a loss similar to FAKE, DADA could be placed in the Daycare on Route 34 in order to safely obtain the Eevee off Zhenfen. However, this plan never came to fruition and the game ended with him on the team.

He made an appearance in Anniversary Crystal, appearing on ELF COACH BABA's team at level 100.


He is seen as being Baba's father who acts as an overprotective father with anger issues.


Dada is a variation of papa, babbling words used by babies made of easily formed letters. This is a reference to Dada being Baba's father. Papa was initially considered but rejected as it was more suited to an Entei, a reference to the Pokémon movie Spell of the Unown.

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