On day 14 of the Anniversary Red run, it was decided to release or store Abe's Mr. Mime, in order to free up space for a stronger Pokémon, possibly a revived Kabuto. Mr. Mime was regarded as a useless and widely-hated Pokémon on the stream, and was at the top of the lineup. Also, the stream was emboldened by two previous back-to-back successful PC shuffles. So the majority of the players went along with the plan.

However, things went wrong almost immediately, as Leech King was deposited instead of Mr. Mime. Desperate to retrieve the strongest Pokémon on the team, the stream kept shuffling the team until they had deposited almost the entire team, and then withdrawn most of them again, and then deposited them a second time. A total of 13 Pokémon were released, but Lapras and a level 50 Starmie were the only major casualties.

Towards the end of the shuffle, the Dome Fossil was revived into a Kabuto to fill one of the empty spots on the team. The shuffle finally ended when Abe changed boxes, leaving the majority of his strongest Pokémon stranded in box 2. The only Pokémon left in the team were Leech King, Mr. Mime, and Kabuto.

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