Nickname(s) LazorApe
Pokémon Species Chimchar
Level 15
Status Lost (Released)
Acquired 0d 0h 34m
Lost 0d 12h 33m
Attacks Rock Smash, Leer, Fury Swipes, Taunt

Chimchar is the Starter Pokémon that Napoleon received from Professor Rowan during Twitch Plays Pokemon Platinum at 0d 0h 34m.  She was the second Pokémon released at 0d 12h 33m.


Chimchar was selected by the Mob as their starter for Platinum, and managed to reach level 15 before being released at about the 11 hour mark, following the trend to release Fire-type starters.


Since the Mob didn't give her a nickname, she is commonly called Chimchar, but is also called LazorApe due to knowing Leer like LazorGator.


Though not much lore developed about Chimchar, one common interpretation is that the Mob never tried to grow attached to Chimchar recognizing their tendency to release Fire Types. A Staraptor is often depicted as being her killer.


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