Cerulean City is a Kanto city located north of Saffron City and east of Pewter City. A disused power plant lies to the east of the city. This is where LOLA was obtained.

Notable locationsEdit

Bike shopEdit

The bike shop is a business selling expensive bikes costing $1,000,000 each. As such, it is impossible to actually buy a bike without a discount. Red, Alice and Abe all obtained vouchers to obtain a bike from this shop.

In Crystal, the shop has closed down due to lack of business, and in HeartGold, the shop's stock cannot be purchased.


The Cerulean Gym is water based. It is where the Water-type gym leader Misty resides alongside her subordinates Parker, Diana, Brianna, Eddie, Joy and Luis. Upon defeat, she conferred the Cascade Badge and the right to use Cut outside of battle if it was not already obtained.

Berry ShopEdit

In FireRed, there is a man who offers to sell medicines and supplements in exchange for berry powder.

Notable residentsEdit


Main article: Misty

Misty is the gym leader of Cerulean Gym and an influential member of Cerulean City. She typically uses Water-type Pokémon, but has also used Poison-types and Fire-types. In HeartGold, she used a Flareon, suggesting that she is a supporter of Lord Dome. She is shown to be quite flirtatious, as she was on a date before being found by Aoooo.

Badge ManEdit

This resident is an expert on the Kanto region badges, and can accurately explain the rights that each badge grants.

Police OfficerEdit

He guards a house that was burgled by a Team Rocket grunt. He is the only member of law enforcement seen in the entire region.

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