Nickname(s) Caveman
Pokémon Species Quagsire
Level 23
Status Active (PC)
Acquired 1d 16h 47m
Attacks Sand-Attack, Hydro Cannon, Sand Tomb, Water Pulse

Quagsire, also known as "Caveman" or Swagsire, is a Pokemon that Alice caught as a Wooper on Route 25.

He has a Timid nature, and Intimidate as an ability.



Quagsire's fan-nickname, Caveman, is derived from when he had Bone Club as an attack when he was first caught as a Wooper. Other names using the same logic are "Cavemon" and "Cavesire."


Some view Caveman's deposit into the PC as him being "frozen" in order to make room for Karl Marcs the Mew. It is also theorized that the Wooper Bugsy possessed in Randomized HeartGold were also prehistoric.


  • As a Wooper, he had Pure Power as an ability.

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