Camila was one of the three characters that was deleted by a Soft Reset.


Common lore depicts the Soft Reset as her being killed by A or having lost out to A's dominant personality. The latter is a more popular depiction of the two ideas and has inspired many pieces of fan art.

Camila is usually depicted as having a caring personality, and unlike her counterparts A and Slash, is considered to be more passive and prone to slower, more logical thinking.

However, a third theory states that Camila was living person before being murdered by A. She then became a voice (not to be confused with The Voices) within A's subconscious as an alternate personality.

More recently, people believe that the new Democracy system is Camila recently becoming sick of being ignored. She has started to assert herself by trying to take control of A's body in order to help her & her Pokemon. These attempts usually lead to an internal struggle within A's mind between her and Slash, resulting in Democracy mode before being quickly suppressed by Slash and possibly A.

It is currently unknown if Camila is connected to the Disciples of Dome.


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