Nickname(s) CD
Pokémon Species Claydol
Level 45
Status Active
Acquired 0d 17h 57m
Attacks AncientPower, Cosmic Power, Rock Tomb, Psybeam
Item Nest ball
Gender Male

CDddDDDDDD, better known as CD, is a Claydol that Alpha snagged from Browsix during Pokémon XD.


He was believed to have been behind the first stream crash and issues on Reddit. After learning Self Destruct, he used the move and the stream froze, forcing the intervention of Celebi. Coincidentally, Reddit was suffering from long load times and servers often timed out during this period. He is believed to have said "Ballah Toybar" before he blew up.


  • His catchphrase of Ballah Toybar is a combination of his previous species name (Baltoy) with the phrase Allaha Akbar, an Islamic phrase meaning "God is Great" which has become associated with acts of terror.

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