The C-Gear is a device made by Fennel which is meant to streamline the games wireless functions and provide the player access to the Entralink.

The Entralink in the standard Gen 5 Pokemon games is a forest that is located in central Unova. It is a place where a player can connect to another player's world via the wireless function of the C-Gear. However in TPP it has no purpose, and instead was used as a way for trolls to hinder the game's progress as entering it only requires two taps of the touch screen while leaving it requires a coordinated effort to get to one single warp tile. This makes it very easy for trolls to send the hivemind there, while leaving players struggling to exit.

Plan to Disable access to the EntralinkEdit

A Reddit plan to disable the C-Gear, thus making it impossible for trolls to send the hivemind to the Entralink has been proposed However it requires Streamer intervention as he would have to disable part of the more recently a second plan to disable the Entralink has been proposed However it also requires Streamer intervention as he would have to enable an Action Replay code

Disabling of C-GearEdit

At 0d 20 h 39 m, the stream went down. After a brief offline period, the stream came back up, and it was clear that The Streamer had disabled the C-Gear using the 2nd proposed Redit plan, making entering Entralink impossible.

The C-Gear could still be used to delay progress slightly though as attempting to turn it on will bring up an on/off menu that pause's the main game until the device is turned on or off via the touch screen. but thanks to the previously mentioned plan being executed regardless of the option selected the device will remain turned off afterwards


Many believe that the C-Gear was given to the Gen 5 protagonist by Fennel so that she could better study him and the Voices.

Others believe that it was given to him with good intentions, that the devices functions were hacked by someone or something else to trap the protagonist within the Entralink.

Many people seem to consider the Entralink as a PC for humans, comparing the area's entrapment of Jimmy to the way in which the PC traps Pokemon.

The disabling of the C-Gear has multiple lore suggestions around to it ranging from:

-The device short circuiting from overuse,

-The person hacking the C-Gear was found and locked out of the system and/or growing bored of seeing the protagonist getting trapped within the Entralink.

-The C-Gear system being reconfigured to a private channel that the protagonist has no access to.

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