Nickname(s) Burger King
Pokémon Species Venonat
Level 22
Status Active (PC)
Acquired 8d 8h 5m
Attacks Tackle, Disable

BKKBBBBCBB, also known as Burger King, is a Venonat caught by Red.


Burger King was the first Pokemon that Red encountered in the Safari Zone and is also the first Pokemon that Red caught in the Safari Zone.

When Red encountered Burger King (on his first step in the grass) he first threw some bait, and then one Safari Ball, which successfully caught Burger King. Burger King was caught in anarchy.


BKKBBBBCBB's comes from his given in-game name. 'BK' is a common abbreviation of the name of the fast food franchise Burger King.



  • Burger King is the only Venonat that Red caught that wasn't released. Interestingly, the same holds true for other species—at the time Red beat Blue, there were no two Pokemon of the same species in the Daycare, PC, or Active party.

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