Nickname(s) Bun-E, E4, Engarde, Zomb-EEEE
Pokémon Species Lopunny
Level 46
Status Active
Attacks Body Slam, Metromone, Cut, Drain Punch
Gender Male

EEEE, also known as Bun-E and E4, is a Buneary caught by Cyan during Run 19 (Pokemon Prism).

At 4d 19h 31m he evolved in Lopunny at level 33.


He may be related to the Elite Four in some way.

He is often depicted as wielding a sword.

While in Laurel Forest, he fainted while a Butterfree was guesting in the party. After the Butterfree left, he was the only party member but was still fainted. This caused him to glitch out when entering battle, appearing as a glitched sprite. He also appeared to decapitate himself in the forest.


  • Bun-E is a homonym of "bunny". It is also a reference to the Pixar franchise WALL-E.
  • E4 is a reference to his ingame nickname being 4 Es.
  • Engarde is derived from the fencing term and references his depiction as a sword wielder.
  • Zomb-EEEE is a reference to the glitch in Laurel Forest where he was capable of moving and entering battles despite being fainted.

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