Brock is the leader of Pewter City gym in Gen 1 (Pokemon Red), Gen 2 (Pokemon Crystal), Generation 3.5 (Randomized FireRed), Gen 4.5 (Randomized HeartGold) and Anniversary Red. He serves at the first gym leader faced in the Kanto region generation games.

It is believed that he follows the Old Amber, as his stronger teams contain both Omastar and Kabutops, and in the Anniversary run this also included Aerodactyl, completing the trio of Fossil Pokémon, while his rematch team included all three.


Original RedEdit

Versus Brock BrockRBY
Level Pokemon Name Type Moves
12 Geodude GeodudeRBY Rock/Ground Tackle, Defense Curl
14 Onix OnixRBY Rock/Ground Tackle, Screech, Bide, Bind


Versus Brock BrockGSC
Level Pokemon Name Type Moves
41 Graveler GravelerGSC Rock/Ground Defense Curl, Rock Slide, Rollout, Earthquake
41 Rhyhorn RhyhornGSC Ground/Rock Fury Attack, Scary Face, Earthquake, Horn Drill
42 Omastar OmastarGSC Rock/Water Bite, Surf, Protect, Spike Cannon
42 Kabutops KabutopsGSC Rock/Water Slash, Surf, Endure, Giga Drain
44 Onix OnixGSC Rock/Ground Bind, Rock Slide, Bide, Sandstorm

Randomized Fire RedEdit

Versus Brock TPP BugBrock
Level Pokemon Name Type Moves
12 Venonat VenonatFRLG Bug/Poison Poisonpowder, Megahorn†
14 Ledian LedianFRLG Bug/Flying Megahorn†

Randomized Heart GoldEdit

Versus Brock TPP IceBrock
Level Pokemon Name Type Moves
51 Sealeo SealeoHGSS Ice/Water ???†
51 Delibird DelibirdHGSS Ice/Flying ???†
53 Glalie GlalieHGSS Ice ???†
52 Mamoswine MamoswineHGSS Ice/Ground ???†
54 Sealeo SealeoHGSS Ice/Water ???†

Anniversary RedEdit

Versus Brock BrockRBY
Level Pokemon Name Type Moves
15 Onix OnixRBY Rock/Ground Bind, Screech, Tackle
17 Aerodactyl AerodactylRBY Rock/Flying Rock Slide, Wing Attack, Agility


Versus Brock BrockRBY
Level Pokemon Name Type Move
100 Onix OnixRBY Rock/Ground TBA
100 Rhydon RhydonRBY Ground/Rock TBA
100 Golem GolemRBY Rock/Ground TBA
100 Omastar OmastarRBY Rock/Water TBA
100 Kabutops KabutopsRBY Rock/Water TBA
100 Aerodactyl AerodactylRBY Rock/Flying TBA

† If anyone has the move data for these pokèmon, your help would be appreciated.

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