Brendan ORAS
Character Data
Age Teens
Gender Male
Season Gen 3 Season 2
Alignment Electric-Types
In-Game statistics
Mega Ampharos
Title Trainer, Rival
Status Alive

Brendan is the male rival of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire as well as Professor Birch's son and assistant. He is seen and often described as a happy, determined and confident boy, often fighting with his friends and genuinely worrying about them when they're in trouble.

In the Twitch Plays Pokemon Randomized AlphaSapphire run, Brendan was an Electric-Type monotype Trainer, using Pokémon such as Helioptile, Lanturn, and Electrode. Despite the nature of the randomization of this game and the rival's naturally high AI, Brendan always seemed to have moves super effective against Nina Q's team, prompting multiple rematches and grinding sessions.

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