Bot Attack

One example of an attack by Democons and Anarchybots. Note the randomly generated names of those inputting Right.

The Bot Wars was an event during days 15-19 of Twitch Plays Pokemon Emerald. In the evenings, US time, each day a number of massive bot networks would arrive in chat for the purpose of disrupting the game and attempting to force the run to end in failure at the end of the first three-day timer. Thankfully, this result was averted when the Streamer extended the timer instead of starting FireRed upon the end of the timer. After the extension, the bot networks never returned.

Known Bot NetworksEdit

There were three known bot networks during this period.

  1. Democracy Bot, sometimes also called Democons. This network would attack during Democracy, usually with the intention of reaching a PC to presumably release M4 or other members of the A-Team. During battle, the network would just spam A repeatedly in order to die as fast as possible. At one time this network was estimated to contain between 50 and 115 bots.
  2. Anarchy Bot, sometimes also called Anarchybots. This network would attack during Democracy, usually only after the Democons had arrived. A much larger network, and with the support of Chatters, they would usually put the stream back into Anarchy mode before the Democons caused much trouble. It was revealed as a malicious network after initiating Democracy during an Elite 4 attempt when the Mob was using it to heal. At one point this network was estimated to contain between 100 and 150 bots.
  3. The OTHER Anarchy Bot, this one with no nickname. It was a small network that attacked during Anarchy around the time of the Shiny Chinchou encounter. This network was intent on spamming direction commands so the Mob would surf as far away from Ever Grande City as possible. At one point it was speculated this network would attack and force the Mob to surf all the way West back to Mauville, effectively delaying the game by days.

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