Nickname(s) "Bird Matt", "Quadquill", "4Q"
Pokémon Species Tranquill
Level 56
Status Active (Hall of Fame)
Acquired 5d 11h 27m
Attacks Razor Wind, Aerial Ace, Fly, Tailwind
Item Poison gem

QQQQ, also known as Bird Matt, is a Tranquill that Jimmy caught during TPP Black's run. He was last seen holding a Poison Gem.

He has a Quiet nature, and a "sturdy body". He has Super Luck as an ability.


QQQQ was the last standing 'Mon on GMYC's team and dealt the final blow against Ghetsis.


The nickname Bird Matt originated from the time QQQQ was accompanied by a second Tranquill. They were thought of as best friends. Because of this, they were nicknamed Bird Matt and Bird Pat, after the stars of Two Best Friends Play, a gaming show on Machinima.



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