Nickname(s) Big Bidoof
Pokémon Species Bidoof
Level 26
Status PC
Acquired 0d 4h 57m
Attacks Cut, Rock Smash, Defense Curl, Stealth Rock

 Bidoof is a Pokemon that Napoleon caught.

He has a Modest nature, and Simple as an ability.


The third Bidoof caught by Napoleon. It earned its place in the party by learning Rock Smash and surviving the Second Great PC War, but was later deposited to make room for Cynthia's Togepi. Attempts to retrieve it have been tabled until Democracy returns, if it ever does. In the meantime Nappaw has a chance to replace him as the team's HM slave.


He is sometimes called "Big Bidoof", dating from when there were two Pokemon in the Party. "Little Bidoof" is Nappaw.



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