Nickname(s) Beesus, Worms, Starworm
Pokémon Species Beedrill
Level 16
Status Traded Away
Acquired 0d 0h 53m
Lost 5d 14h 41m
Attacks Poison Sting, String Shot, Harden, Fury Attack
Gender Female

W OMRSQ G6, otherwise known as Beesus, Worms or Starworm, is a Beedrill caught by D in Santalune forest as a Weedle.

She has a Quirky nature, and has Swarm as an ability. She was traded to Daniel at 5d 14h 41m.




The Galaxy Lore (who refer to Beesus as Starworm) portrayed Starworm as one of the two children of Queen Moon, as well as the sibling of Scatterstar. However, with Scatterstar's trading to Joseph portrayed it as a sacrificial death for the arrival of Lady Helix, Starworm (as well as Queen Moon) grieved the death, and declared war on all of the Helixes.


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