The Battle Tent was a new location added to the ROM hack for the Anniversary Red runthrough. It operated similarly to the likes of the Battle Frontier from Emerald: 3 Pokémon were chosen to battle a gauntlet of opponents, with a level cap of 50. It was located a few buildings away from the Game Corner in Celadon City. It also sold powerful items not usually sold in shops, such as Max Revives.

The Battle Tent proved to be very buggy, causing glitches such as the Old Man Golduck who crashed the game and the Team Rocket Grunt who removed all Pokémon from Abe's party, forcing him to black out over and over.


Old Man GolduckEdit

This glitch was caused by Onix failing to register properly for battle and being replaced by a Golduck with the overworld sprite of an old man and the battle sprite of MissingNo. Its attacks were limited to glitch attacks, and its use in a battle against a Porygon eventually caused the game to crash, causing the Streamer to reset to an earlier save point.

No Pokémon PartyEdit

After fainting to a Rocket, the team used for the battle was removed from the party and presumably deposited in the PC, only to be replaced by a group of glitched fainted level 1 Charizards. This left Abe with no Pokémon, which meant every few steps he blacked out and respawned in front of the Celadon City Pokécenter. He attempted to flee and to reach out to Nurse Joy for help but he was always defeated before he got out of the city or talked to her. This was interpreted as Abe going insane and hallucinating about his original starter, who he had since abandoned. The Streamer eventually reset to an earlier save point.

Maximum MoneyEdit

After finally defeating the gauntlet, Abe was supposed to receive $30,000 but instead got the maximum money. This allowed the Voices to buy many TMs.

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