Nickname(s) Baba
Pokémon Species Magikarp
Level 12
Status Released
Acquired 1d 7h 43m
Lost 3d 12h 11m
Attacks Splash

Baba was a Magikarp bought from the Salesman in the Pokécenter at the entrance of Mount Moon. Though it was nearly useless in battle, it was favored by the mob, similar to the way Kakuna was. Baba was released at some point, at which point the meme "Wait4Baba" started, and a future protagonist was also named after the fish.


After being abandoned, Baba was believed to have been taken in by Dr Wusiju, who subjected her to a range of experiments and abuse, bringing out her human side. She set out on a journey to find Abe, but was unable to find him.

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