Baba is the protagonist of the ROM hack Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal, played simultaneously with Pokémon Battle Revolution during the intermission during Season Two. She was named after the Magikarp of the Anniversary Red run.

She moves very slowly because the game she is in is played in a special kind of Democracy Mode: only one input is accounted per PBR match or quiz.

Her team so far consists of:

BEST the Typhlosion
DONG the Suicune
EVER the Pidgey
DADA the Gyarados
ORGY the Poliwag
DEKU the Togepi

She has the following elfs in the PC:

GAY the Tentacruel
???? the Spearow

The following elfs have been released:

FAKE the Sudowoodo


She appears to have a childish sense of humor as she has so far attempted to give all of her Pokémon nicknames which can be used to spell out dirty messages, starting with 'best orgy ever' and becoming more complex as time goes by. Due to the horrible translation of the game, she apparently has sex with every item she picks up.


Baba is assumed to be the Magikarp from Anniversary Red who is searching for Abe. At some point she was captured by Dr Wusiji (Professor Elm) who drugged her and sexually abused her, leading to her hypersexuality, transformation and peculiar world view.

She was presumed to have been shot, possibly over gambling debts or vengeance for disrupting Team Missile Bomb's plans and was comatose, reliving her earlier memories.

Following the defeat of Sorcerer Sho, Baba began searching, catching Luigi the Lugia and uncovering The Voices in the Ruins of Alph.

She supposedly died on June 16th, in the Lighthouse, when the game was swapped for Pokemon Brown.


DADA the red Gyarados from the Lake of Rage is her father who is not pleased with her behavior. It is also believed that she has other family aboard the High Speed Boat Akea, with a grandfather and (possibly half) sister guesting on the boat and a brother working on the boat as a sailor.


  • Her surname is possibly Half, based off Lance calling her "Ms. Baba Half" in the Mahogany Town Rocket Hideout. It might also be Lumme, as she was called "Baba Lumme" by the Copycat Girl in Lavender Town.
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