Pokémon Species Typhlosion (BAGEP)
Level 76
Status Active
Gender Male

BEST is a male Typhlosion obtained from Professor Elm by Baba during the Vietnamese Crystal runthrough. He acts as the powerhouse of the team, nearly taking on the Elite Four as well as most of the Johto region's gym leaders and Sorcerer Sho by himself.


Due to the high cost in time of switching Pokemon around in the run, BEST remained at the top of the party, becoming the strongest member of the party at the expense of others remaining low leveled, similar to how LazorGator ended up becoming overleveled. He and DONG are the only Pokémon currently receiving any experience.

He was level 46 when the game crashed, but was later recovered at level 43. He was level 54 before the game crashed again, this time reverting back to level 51. An imperfect version of the save file was later used, restoring him to level 54.

He reappeared in Anniversary Crystal on Elf Coach Baba's team at level 100.


He was given the name after Professor Wusiji said he was the best. Due to the poor translation job, whenever he gains experience it appears as "BEST [Amount] EXPERIENCE", leading to jokes about that particular experience growth being superior to other experience growths.


Artwork shows him as driving a car (dubbed the F-Car) and wielding a chainsaw in reference to the now deleted moves F-CAR and SAW.

His learning to use POWE and the Force caused him to become a padawan to FAKE. FAKE's release then cleared the way for BEST to become the Jedi master and defeat Sorcerer Sho.

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