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Brendan ORAS
Character Data
Age 12
Gender Male
Season Gen 6.5
In-Game statistics
Waneek Nkekev
Whismur the Fifth
Title Hoenn Trainer, Mobster
Status Alive

!12rtyhaszs, also known as Artemis "Arty" Haze, Arty, and !12m, is the main protagonist of Gen 6.5 (Pokemon Omega Ruby).

He is possibly the grandson of A and Brendan, sharing many of his grandfather's physical features.

Personality (Lore)Edit

Coming Soon!


  • This is the third time a protagonist has caught/received a Torchic.
    • Since a Torchic was originally chosen as a starter in Gen 3, there was a spam of comments quoting Justin Timberlake's 2006 song, "SexyBack", in the form of "We're bringing Zexy back!"
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