Anarchy is the original and most played game-mode in Twitch Plays Pokemon. It is also considered a political affiliation within the community by many. It has been present in all main games and most intermission games.


Anarchy was the original game-mode from the onset of Gen 1 (Pokemon Red). It has since been the prominent, "default" game-play method, with every subsequent generation beginning in Anarchy, while its counterpart, Democracy is used usually during difficult sequences deemed impossible or improbable to pass in Anarchy mode.

How it worksEdit

Anarchy mode takes the command inputs from the stream's IRC and registers each one every ? seconds, and then inputs them into the game. This leads to Anarchy mode being quite a chaotic method of gameplay, with inputs often countering the previous input.

As a Political AffiliationEdit

Anarchy is associated with the Helix Fossil, and its counterpart Democracy (or 'Domecracy') is associated with the Dome Fossil.

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