Nickname(s) Amberzard, Prophet of Amber
Pokémon Species Charizard
Level 5
Status Active (PC)
Acquired 10d 16h 10m
Attacks Featherdance, Wing Attack, Aeroblast, Gust

AATUUVWVW is a Charizard that Alice revived from the Old Amber. He has a Sassy nature.

He has Marvel Scale as an ability.


AATUUVWVW has either been seen as a descendant of Abby, the Charmeleon from Generation 1, while others have seen him as a prophet of the true Old Amber, in a similar fashion as Bird Jesus was to Lord Helix.

Some lore depicts AATUUVWVW's revival from the Old Amber as a blessing that allowed Altareon's evolution.


Amberzard is a portmanteau of Amber, the fossil he was revived from, and Charizard, his species name.

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