Nickname(s) “Altareon”
Pokémon Species Altaria
Level 54
Status Active
Acquired 4d 8h 47m
Attacks Fly, Return, Drill Peck, Cut

Altareon is an Altaria in Alice's main party. She was originally found at the top of the Celadon Hotel in place of an Eevee as a Swablu.

She has a Gentle nature, and Trace as an ability. She was last seen holding a Metal Coat.


TPP Altareon

Altareon's Sprite designed by Sorceress_Feraly.

Altareon was found as a Swablu on top of the Celadon Condominiums, the same location the False Prophet was found in Generation 1. It evolved into Altaria soon after the revival of the Old Amber into Charizard, making the stream believe it was blessed by the power of the Old Amber.


“Altareon” is a portmanteau of the species name Altaria, and the -eon suffix that Eeveelutions tend to have.


Because of Altareon's status as the Celedon Hotel Eevee, many people have linked her with the False Prophet of the original Red playthrough. Though that has been downplayed, she is still considered related to the other Eevees in TwitchPlaysPokemon.

It has been proposed her evolution had something to do with the revival of the Old Amber


  • As a Swablu, she had Overgrow as an ability.
  • Despite having the lowest level on the team near the end of FireRed, she managed to beat Elite Four Lorelei (a ghost trainer in the Randomized FireRed) all by herself.
  • She shares some similarities with Ccccdeccc, as they were both obtained in place of an Eevee in a randomized run.