00 00 06
Nickname(s) "Agent 006"
Pokémon Species Bibarel
Level 93
Status Active
Acquired 8d 15h 33m
Attacks Superpower, Rock Climb, Surf, Waterfall

00 00 06 , also known as Agent 006, is a Female Bibarel captured by Napoleon in a Pokeball less than an hour after releasing Nappaw .

She has a Hasty Nature, and "good endurance". She has Simple as an ability. She was last seen holding TM57, Charge Beam.


Tppp agent 006 1641

Agent 006's Sprite designed by Sorceress_Feraly.

00 00 06 was captured less than an hour after trolls released Nappaw, the Bidoof that was originally going to be Napoleon's HM slave. Seen as a massive defeat for the Trolls, who had publicly declared the end of TwitchPlaysPokemon, many of their most vocal elements have not been seen since.

She had a child while in the daycare along with Flareon.

006 wound up the second highest leveled Pokemon on the team, at level 93. She was instrumental in defeating Bertha, Flint, and Lucian.


Agent 006 comes from the series of 0s ending with a 6 that is her name.

Her nickname is also inspired by James Bond's code number, which is 007.


006 is often considered to be part of the same organization as Looker and Teala, this organization is compared to Interpol or MI6. Despite her female gender, she is often depicted like James Bond or Perry the Platypus.

Her Egg became a major point of contention in the lore, with some considering it a legitimate hookup with Flareon, and others seeing it as a one-night stand.

She was also considered to be a traitor to the party after the Egg was found, with some saying she served Cyrus or Bill. However, this was quickly dropped after rage about the Egg cooled.


  • 006 is the one of the highest leveled Pokemon in TwitchPlaysPokemon history.

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