Nickname(s) AWOO, Wood
Pokémon Species Momiji
Level 47
Status Active
Acquired 2d 4h 16m
Attacks Fury Cutter, Cut, Night Slash, Crunch
Gender Female

AWOO is a Momiji caught by Abraham.

Her nickname comes from an extension Twitch emote of the Touhou character, and the similarity of it to her actual name.

Momiji was first seen by the mob along Butterbae in the Teachy TV. Later on the stream became unresponsive to inputs, at which point all that happened was Momiji's wood-like cry being heard repeatedly. To pass the time, the chat began to count how many times they heard the cry.

AWOO would later go on to host AWOO News, a regular news slot on the TPP Reddit that recapped the recent major events using the various Momiji from the run as cast members The news reels sometimes ended destructively.

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