Nickname(s) "All Terrain Venomoth", "All Terrain Vehicle", "The Dragonslayer"
Pokémon Species Venomoth
Level 39 (Gen 1), 77 (Gen 2), 88 (Gen 5.5)
Status Active
Acquired 08d14h37m
Attacks Disable, PoisonPowder, Leech Life, Stun Spore
Gender ♂(Gen 2 transfer)

AATTVVV also known as ATV, or All Terrain Venomoth, was a Venomoth in Red's party in Generation 1 of Twitch Plays Pokémon. ATV was obtained in the Safari Zone during Democracy in day 9.


ATV's name comes from his in-game name, AATTVVV. "All Terrain Vehicles" are commonly referred to as "ATVs", and the Hivemind simply replaced "Vehicle" with "Venomoth".

"Dragonslayer", another and less common nickname, comes from ATV's defeat of Lance's Dragonite even though ATV was little more than half its level.



ATV's Sprite designed by Hamigakimomo

ATV was considered an afterthought, just being "That one pokemon filling the 6th slot since Bloody Sunday" by many, until the moment he defeated one of Elite Four Lance's Dragonites by himself. The Gen 1 AI was programmed to always use attacks that would be super effective, but the PP of moves was not tracked on enemy Pokemon and did not differentiate non-damaging attacks from damaging ones. This led to the perpetual use of either Agility or Barrier, which raise the user's Speed and Defense by two stages respectively. Because ATV had used Poison Powder on Dragonite at the beginning of the match and the opponent continued to use status moves (even as its Speed and Defense maxed out), ATV remained unharmed while Dragonite slowly lost health to the poison and Leech Life and eventually fainted.

ATV was the only Pokemon left in Red's party still healthy at the end of the battle, which was the first of two times in which Red defeated Lance. ATV was quickly defeated in battle by Blue afterwards.

ATV, along with the Fonz, was still active in Red's party when AA-j delivered the final Thundershock to Blue's Blastoise.

TPP LoreEdit

During Red's run in the Elite Four in Generation 1, ATV famously defeated Lance's level 62 Dragonite which was more powerful than ATV, being level 36 (video). This caused many to dub ATV the "Dragonslayer".

When AJ fought Red in Generation 2, Katie and ATV were said to have a rivalry, ATV being the Dragonslayer and Katie being a Dragonite. Katie eventually defeated ATV.

ATV would return with the rest of the original Hall of Fame team when Red was battled by CLY in Black 2, in Red Anniversary under Dream Red, and in Anniversary Crystal when Red was battled at the entrance to Mt Silver.


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