Nickname(s) "ATM"
Pokémon Species Poochyena
Level 14
Status Active
Acquired 0d 22h 02m
Attacks Tackle, Howl, Sand Attack, Bite
Item Charcoal
Gender Female

ATMMMGMGG, also known as ATM, is a Poochyena and was A's fifth caught Pokemon.

She has a Sassy nature, and Run Away as an ability.

She was last seen holding a Charcoal.



No definitive nickname was really significantly accepted for ATMMMGMGG, besides shortening her in-game nickname to simply ATM. Some suggested that ATM stood for "Automatic Teller Machine", sometimes replacing the last part with something more appropriate to the current context. Several depictions of ATM also seem to play on that, by involving paper money or coins. 1 2 34

Others drew parallels to ATV from the Pokemon Red run, and planned to call her "All Terrain Mightyena" once she evolved. This however didn't seem to really catch on.

In some much rarer cases, some people would call her "Automatic Teller Machinegun" or "ATM Machinegun".

ATM used to be nicknamed "ATA" in-game. But after a visit to the name rater, her name was changed to "ATMMMGMGG". 1(TPP video recap)



  • ATM's IVs are : 26 / 07 / 21 / 26 / 25 / 29 (HP / Atk / Def / SpA / SpD / Spe)
  • ATM has the highest IVs sum out of all the Poochyenas/Mightyena that were caught, with a total of 134. This is higher than any Pokemon on the final party, beating GJKLFFZ's 127 total by 7. Ironically for a physically offensive Pokemon, her attack IV is 7 and the worst out of all her IVs.
  • Her EVs at the end of the game were : 03 / 01 / 11 / 02 / 01 / 12 (HP / Atk / Def / SpA / SpD / Spe)
  • Her stats at the end of the game were : 37 / 21 / 18 / 17 / 17 / 17 (HP / Atk / Def / SpA / SpD / Spe)
  • She had at the end of the game a friendship of 255 / 255. Which is surprising, given she's only level 14, and she spent most of the game inside the PC.
  • Her hidden power type is Grass, with a power of 42.

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