Nickname(s) "Nidoran (Red 5)"
Pokémon Species Nidoran♂
Level 24
Acquired 8d 13h 51m
Lost 10d 14h 50m 55s
Attacks Focus Energy, Poison Sting, Horn Attack, Tackle

AAEWWW was a male Nidoran caught by Red in the Safari Zone of Gen 1 (Pokemon Red). Following the events of Bloody Sunday, AAEWWW, along with 11 others, were slaughtered.


AAEWWW's name was selected after Nidoran was caught in the Safari Zone.

Personality (Lore)Edit

Not much is known about AAEWWW's personality as he was sent to the PC upon capture in the Safari Zone. It is uncertain whether AAEWWW followed the Church of Helix or Disciples of Dome. In some interpretations of Bloody Sunday, the twelve Pokémon lost were sacrificed to allow for Lord Helix to return.


During the events of Bloody Sunday, On Day 10, while trying to retrieve Zapdos from the PC, AAEWWW was selected for release. After releasing H the Nidoran, AAEWWW was released immediately afterwards, making him the eleventh victim of Bloody Sunday.


  • AAEWWW is the fifth Nidoran in the original play through.