Nickname(s) Zydoge, Route 66
Pokémon Species Zygarde
Level 80
Status Traded
Acquired 6d 11h 49m
Lost 12d 11h 25m
Attacks Coil, Outrage, Thousand Arrows, Core Enforcer
Gender None

66 , otherwise known as Zydoge or Route 66, was a 10% Zygarde obtained by Nigel during Run 20 (Pokemon Sun).


Zydoge was formed from the collected Zygarde Cells that Nigel obtained.


  • Zydoge is a combination of his species name (Zygarde) and doge, a reference both to his canine-like appearance and the doge meme.
  • Route 66 is a reference to his nickname and an allusion to the highway of the same name.

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