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Nickname(s) "Exclamachu", "Rockachu", "Swagachu", "Weeachu", "Edgychu"
Pokémon Species Pikachu
Level 21
Status Active (PC)
Acquired 0d 18h 13m
Attacks Feint, Electro Ball, Thunder Wave, Meteor Mash
Gender Female

! is the name given to the Cosplay Pikachu given to Arty Haze from a Breeder at the Slateport Contest Hall. This variation of a female Pikachu has the ability to adorn five different costumes related to Contest stats and allows her to learn a special move related to each stat (e.g Pikachu Rock Star can learn Meteor Mash).


! was received from a Breeder at 0 days, 18 hours, and 13 minutes after Arty had participated (and lost) in his first contest. After receiving contest advice from Lisia, Arty was greeted by a Breeder who watched his contest performance. The Breeder then offered to give Arty a Cosplay Pikachu in which he accepted. The Cosplay Pikachu was preset to Pikachu Rock Star to represent the Coolness contest in which Arty was in.

After the release of Scarface, ! carried the team for a short while before being boxed in Mauville City.


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